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Welcome To WWMD?
My purpose for this site is many-fold. I would like to provide an authoritative reference of the sayings and examples of Muhammad. Quite often, I see the "What Would Jesus Do?" books, as a Muslim, I want to know what Muhammad would do in a given situation.
I mean no harm or insult to anyone. I simply wish to offer this page to all, for reasons such as:
*A reminder to all Muslims.
*A message to all non-Muslims.
*A testimony of my faith and love of Islam.
*To clear up any misunderstandings about Muslims.
*A way to expose racist and hate groups who use the name of Islam for their own personal ends.
*A way to see through the actions of those who claim Islam yet display hypocritical behavior.
*A resource for the student of comparative religions.
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Masjid Al-Aqsa?
Al-Aqsa is the third most holy site that Muslims have. It is a Masjid, or Mosque (a house of worship, like a church), and we worship God here. Nearly every picture of Jerusalem display's this Mosque; it is a historic landmark.
It has been brought to my attention that the above picture is being displayed by the mass-media as Al-Aqsa. This golden domed Masjid is quite beautiful, but it is not Al-Aqsa, it is called As-Sakrah. Anyone who read the book "Left Behind" will recall that the author claims to have the answer to the riddle of the former location of the Temple of Solomon. He claims that the golden domed Mosque (which he and the media portray as Al-Aqsa) does not have to be torn down, only some rag-tag building a bit farther away, and that is where the Temple should be built. The author claims that this will make the Muslims happy and the Temple can still be built. Anyone who has actually been to Palestine and spoken with the Muslims knows that this is a lie, the rag-tag building that they are speaking of is the REAL Al-Aqsa.
In Israel/ Palestine, there is much fighting. There are many reasons for the fighting, but the most important reason is that a movement called "Zionism", consisting of Jews & Christians, wants to demolish this Mosque.
During Biblical times, Solomon, the son of David (Peace be upon them both), built a temple for the worship of God, it was destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again (never by Muslims). During the rise of Islam, Muslims took control of Jerusalem from the Christians and allowed everyone to worship as they chose. The site that formally housed the Temple of Solomon, still vacant, was also the site that Muhammad met the other Prophets of the Bible and prayed with them. The Muslims built Al-Aqsa as the third incarnation of the temple, out of respect for the Jews, Christions and the prophets that we share. Close by, is a rock that Muhammad acended from to speak face-to-face with God. The Muslims built As-Sakrah over this rock, as a tribute to God and His messenger.
Zionists believe that the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt (apparently ours isn't good enough for them), only then can the Messiah come to Earth. Of course, this means that Al-Aqsa must be demolished, without our consent, so that they can build the Temple in its former location, there-by, FORCING the Messiah to come.
I know of no Christian nor Jew that would permit any of their houses of worship to be replaced with that of someone else's, so it is unreasonable that we should be expected to.

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